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What you Achieve from Blue&Red

Blue&Red is all you need to create engaging quizzes that work great on all screen sizes

Multiple Quizzing Models

Choose your best suited quiz model from different types available in Blue&Red.

  1. Multiple choice model - This most popular quiz model enables audience choose one or more options you provide - it's both easy and effective.
  2. Mage model - Drive ultimate interaction to your quiz by visualizing your question and answers, which enhances the audience experience with your brand.
  3. Yes or No model - Let your audiences respond with YES or NO answers for every question, taking your quiz engagement to a next level.
  4. Logic jump model- Create the most personalized quiz sets with branched questions and present to audiences based on how they answer through out the quizlet.

Free Access to Professionally Designed Themes and Templates

Use pre-made quiz templates, which are most effective & tailor made for various business categories, and save your hours of time and work.

Style It the Way you Want

Customize your quiz template with your logo, colours & images and make it look like a part of your website or landing page. Create your quiz, which gets brand recognition from your audience.

You can also customize the opt-in forms of quiz, making it more relevant such that the audiences opt-in to learn more about the topic of the quiz.

Customized Quiz Results

Create customized quiz results for each outcome of your quiz with most personalized message. You can also add call to action buttons to each of the quiz results that links to a unique blog post or signup form based on the performance of the quiz taker.

Easy Integration

You'll be able to integrate Blue&Red tool it into your own website with our easy to use embed tool. You can also connect your quiz directly to your email marketing or marketing automation system so leads go straight to your system.

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Designed by Marketers for Marketers

Blue&Red was developed by marketers who were looking for the most advanced audience interactive tools, which can help them create highly personalized quizzes and polls at real quick and ease.

The user experience for both quiz makers and quiz takers is at the forefront of every decision we make to build Blue&Red.

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What our users have to say

I highly recommend Blue&Red for quizzes and polls, where we generated close to 500 leads in just one day. Blue&Red is very easy to use with impressive features and brings unbelievable results instantly.

Kalyani, Hyderabad

I am quite impressed with this tool and it is easily integratable to any auto responder. It is highly functional and user friendly where we can create quizzes in the most customized and convenient way.

Avinash, Mumbai

The most powerful tool ever for personalized quiz building. Blue&Red is so effective and provide results instantly.

Mahesh, Delhi

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